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Themes For Each Day & Night

Here are the themes for each breakfast and nighttime activity! Let your imagination run wild when you start working on your costumes. We can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

Monday Night:

Jedi Training Camp

  • You and your cabin will be put through Jedi Training to help prepare you for your week of space adventures! You will learn the ways of the Jedi with the help of your counselors and fellow Padawans. May the Force Be With You.

Tuesday Morning:

Light Side vs. Dark Side

  • Now that you have passed your Jedi training, it is time to fight against the Dark Side! Or will some of you join the Empire and betray the Rebel Alliance?

Tuesday Night:

Alien Invasion!

  • We've been invaded! Come as your favorite alien characters, whether it's E.T., Little Green Men from Toy Story or Stitch - we can't wait to see what you come as! Whatever you come as, make sure it is warm, could even be your pajamas!

Wednesday Morning:

We've Been Abducted! (Crazy Hair Breakfast)

  • After being invaded by aliens and abducted, you don't have time to do your hair! We'd love to see some crazy space hair on this day. Sparkles, googley eyes or even pipe cleaners really bring the alien feel to your hair.

Wednesday Night:

Skit Night

  • Gather up with your cabin and perform the skit that you guys have been working on for the past few days.

Thursday Morning:

Wormhole Breakfast

  • After traveling through a wormhole, your clothes are going to be all backwards and mix-matched!

Thursday Night:

Galactic Ball

  • Last night of camp, come and celebrate at a galactic ball! Come as your favorite space themed character - or even your favorite astronaut!

Friday Morning:

Wake From HyperSleep

  • Come to breakfast in your pajamas for the last breakfast at camp!

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