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Counselors are the backbone to running our camp. We are always looking for new counselors to volunteer at camp. 

There are typically 2-3 counselors in each cabin. Counselors must be 18 year of age to apply. Effective 2020, all graduating campers, must wait one year prior to applying to be a counselor.

Our counselors have tons of fun! We encourage them to dress up, show their camp spirit and make sure the kids are having a blast while staying safe. 

The week of a camp counselor requires a substantial amount of physical activity.  If you have any concerns with meeting these levels, please contact us.  Volunteers provide their own transportation to camp, we provide everything else.


While parents are not allowed to be counselors while their child is a camper, we do rely on parents in other ways. 

We always need parent chaperones for the buses to take the kids to and from camp. Volunteers who ride the bus, will park at the pick up/drop off location and the bus will take you to and from camp back to your car. Volunteers are always needed the day of departure and drop off to check the campers in and out.

We also welcome parents to volunteer help in the set up of heart events. 

Time and resources are always appreciated from our parents. 

Without our medical staff of pediatric cardiologists and nurses, camp would not be possible. We appreciate our medical professionals who attend camp and make this a life changing experience for Arizona heart kids!

If you cannot take off 5 days from work, we would love to have you for however many days you can manage. 

See our contact page if you are ready to change more lives for the better!

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