Nick and Kelly Children's Heart Fund Background:  

Dan and Margaret Majetich founded the organization in 1985 after the death of their younger son, Kelly, passed from a congenital heart defect.  They added the name of their remaining child, Nick, after his death in 1992.

Here's how it works:  Social workers, pediatric cardiologists and other medical personnel refer families to the Fund administrators.  A volunteer distribution committee, operating within guidelines established by an advisory board, reviews family requests.  Family support might include direct financial and emotional assistance, negotiation of medical expenses, participation in educational and recreational opportunities, and/or referral to additional care providers in the community.

The Nick & Kelly Children's Heart Fund is an all-volunteer organization with no paid administrators, making it unique among local charitable groups.  Only 1 percent of the asset value is paid to the Arizona Community Foundation, which is the non-profit organization that holds the Fund.

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